Islamic Burial Service

We assist with all aspects of funeral and burial arrangements.

In the event someone in our community passes, we offer all necessary services to assist families during this difficult time.

Burial services

  • Transport services
  • Purchase of final resting place
  • Washing of the deceased
  • Janazah prayer
  • Proper burial

If you would like to purchase a burial plot or need more information about making advance or immediate preparations for yourself or a loved one, please call us at 617-442-2805 or email

Financial Assistance:
For those in financial hardship or considered low-income, you may be eligible for financial assistance to help cover burial costs through the Department of Public Welfare And Social Security.

The Department of Public Welfare
The Department of Public Welfare currently has a program that provides limited support to residents without sufficient funds. They will pay funeral home costs up to $1,100 if the total cost does not exceed $1,500. The payment must be a direct transaction between the funeral home and the DPWAS. (Who can apply for funeral and burial payment assistance? |

Social Security Income;
If the deceased was receiving SSI they should automatically be eligible for SSI assistance.

To find out if you are eligible through either program, please call 617-989-2200 or 617-989-2207 and ask for Peter Bellow. Check the link (How Social Security Can Help You When a Family Member Dies (

Limited funds may also be available through the following organizations:

  • Muslim Community Support Services. For an application call: 1-888-773-3777
  • Mosque for Praising Allah. For an application call 617-442-2805