Our Services

The Masjid provides services such as premarital consultations, marriage counseling, divorce counseling, and taking care of community members’ problems and situations. There are classes offered for adults to learn Arabic and religion.


We provide our community members with marriage services according to Islamic standards following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).

Islamic Burial

Our Islamic Burial Committee provides Janaza prayer services, plot purchase and burial services to help our brothers and sisters in this final stage of life.​


I.M.S.O is an Islamic relief organization that helps community members (Muslim & Non-Muslim) by providing food, education, re-entry counseling and more.

For more than 50 years, with the help of Allah, The Most Gracious, and Believers like you, we have
served the Muslim community by providing a place where believing men and women can worship Allah,
receive Islamic education, participate in community development and call others to Allah and Islam.

We are committed to the task of bettering conditions for all humanity. We maintain strong ties of respect and
friendship with the non-Muslim community and neighbors, many of whom are family members, and we
continue the work of fostering good relations with all people of goodwill.

Great Mosque

“​I have been to many Mosques but here I get an uplifting by the way everybody makes you feel. Thank you.”

Extraordinary Community

“Salam, You brothers and sisters are Extraordinary with your Support and I don’t know any word which is bigger than extraordinary or have written here million times!”


“GOOD , I have always loved being in the mosque because I have always being accepted back without being judged. Jazaocum ALLAH Kheire.”