Zakat Al-Fitr

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Zakat al Fitr is a mandatory charity that must be paid by every Muslim before Eid al-Fitr prayer. This obligation applies to men, women, and children who meet the nisab threshold, which is the minimum amount of wealth a person must have to be eligible for Zakat. The current nisab threshold is approximately $5,500 USD.

How Much Should I Pay?

The amount payable for Zakat al Fitr is the equivalent of one saa’ of staple food per person in the household, including dependents. As of today, the calculated dollar amount is approximately $15 USD, based on the current market value of staple food in most areas.


Who Is Responsible to Pay Zakat Al-Fitr?

The head of the household is responsible for paying Zakat al Fitr for themselves, their spouse, children, and any dependents. If the head of the household is a woman, she must pay for herself and any dependents, but can also pay for her husband. If a man is the head of the household, he must pay for himself, his wife, and any dependents. Parents must pay Zakat al Fitr on behalf of their young children who have no wealth.


When Do You Pay Zakat Al-Fitr?

The deadline for paying Zakat al Fitr is before Eid al-Fitr prayer. To make it easier for you to pay, we have provided an online donation option on our website, Simply select “Zakat al Fitr” and enter the number of people in your household, and the website will calculate the amount due based on the current market value of staple food in your area.

May Allah accept our fasting and charity, and bless us all. Ameen.